Divi Blog Extension Plugin

Free Divi Blog Extension Gives The Divi Blog Module A Brand New Look

Today we are happy to release our first-ever free Divi extension. This extension, which comes in the form of a WordPress plugin, can be installed alongside Divi to add a brand new feature. This is the first of many extensions that we plan to release during our Divi 100 marathon, so if you enjoyed this one then be sure to follow along while we continue our journey today 100!

While talking with the Divi community, we often hear requests for additional blog layout options. Even though the Blog Module is quite versatile, especially when used with a creative variety of custom advanced design settings and CSS, there are certainly opportunities to expand. We decided to create a free Divi extension that does just that—offers a completely new and modern look for your Divi blog. It’s called the Article Cards extension, and once enabled it completely transforms your Blog Grid Module with a single click!

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