Divi Course Scheduler

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No more copying your LMS courses just to run them more than once! With Course Scheduler, you can quickly and easily set multiple start and end dates – either manually or on an automatically generated schedule. Your life as a course master is about to get a lot easier.
*Works with LifterLMS! LearnDash and LearnPress coming soon!

All the Scheduling Features You Wish Your LMS Had!

No more making copies of the same course!
With Course Scheduler, you can set your LMS courses to run as many times as you want, whenever you want. Simply enter the start and end dates, and you’re good to go.

Automatically generate future start and end dates
If you plan on running the same course at regular intervals, you can set Course Scheduler to automatically generate future start and end dates so you don’t have to set them manually.

Course Scheduler makes your courses easier to manage
Course Scheduler’s filtering functionality lets you filter your student list by start date. This makes it much easier to schedule live events like webinars, send messages, and offer support to students who are at the same point in the course.


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