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Divi theme is an awesome WordPress theme developed & designed by Elegant Themes that is proving to be immensely popular due to its great functionality, design ideas, and wide range of features including the easy to use page builder. We are showcasing some free Divi layouts/templates that you can use in your next Divi WordPress project. Divi theme includes some premade free layouts that you can access directly from its page builder and you can edit the imported layouts as per your requirements. We are showing Divi Theme Examples as Divi Inspirational site examples to get the best design ideas for your future projects.

We have added hundreds of Divi theme examples on our site and here you can achieve some design ideas from those inspirational Divi live site examples. Divi theme provides you the power and flexibility to create your own unique design without having any knowledge of codes like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, etc. You can check the web page in different media like mobile, tablet, and desktop to create a responsive website. If you have a creative design sense then you can create the site exactly that you imagine.

Divi is providing drag and drop page builder so you can create a website as you imagine in your mind. You can check the list of Divi Theme examples that we are showcasing on our site and it will help you to create a better website with a unique design, color scheme, and fonts. Shop hundreds of premium Divi products from third-party websites like Premium Divi Layouts, Premium Divi Child Themes, Premium Divi Plugins to get more advantages while creating the Divi website with different functionalities.

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divi theme examples

We are showing best hand-picked Divi Theme Examples with different niches so here you will get only the best Divi examples that will definitely inspire you to create amazing Divi websites that will best suit your online businesses. Read more.



free divi layouts

Free Divi Layouts are premade page builder templates that you can use with Divi Theme. You can very easily import any desired layout into the page builder and edit the layout as per your need. You can change the content, images, color scheme, fonts, sections, rows, and modules to make this layout unique. It is very easy and time-consuming to create a new page. So you can create a lot of unique webpages in a few minutes and with few clicks. Today Divi Elegant Theme is the most popular WordPress theme because it the easiest and fastest theme in this world. Read More.

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premium divi layouts

Premium Divi Layouts are created by experienced web developers and it will be available to buy. You can purchase premium Divi layouts to save your time and you can get a unique website in just a few clicks. Read more.

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divi child themes

A Divi child theme is a WordPress theme that inherits its functionality from another Divi main theme that you can call the parent theme. Child themes are generally used when you want to customize an existing WordPress theme without losing the ability to upgrade that theme. You can buy Premium Divi Child Theme to create professional websites. Read more.

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divi plugins

Divi Plugins extend the functionality & features of the Divi Elegant Themes. Divi Plugins are custom WordPress plugins developed specifically for the Divi theme by Elegant Themes, extending the functionality and features of the Divi theme. Divi Plugins are also easy to use. Read more.