Divi Supreme Pro

Divi Supreme Pro

Unlike other Divi plugins, the Divi Supreme comes with many creative and useful, yet powerful Divi modules and Divi extensions. Stand out from the crowd by implementing our innovative Divi modules that cannot be found anywhere else. No coding required and no additional skills required if you’ve worked with Divi or Extra themes before.


We support Divi’s mission by developing custom modules and Divi extensions, as well as Divi children’s themes that focus on beauty, subtle animations, and visitor engagement.
Add more power to Divi with our innovative modules and extensions. Take Divi to the next level and build amazing websites with ease using our easy-to-implement modules and extensions. The Divi Supreme Pro plugin comes with an intuitive interface that blends seamlessly with the Divi theme builder to give you a familiar design environment with additional elements to work with.

Improve your WordPress design skills

Whether you’re just starting out with web design or an accomplished developer with multiple personal and client projects to think about, Divi Supreme Pro will significantly improve the quality of your design work. With over 40 premium modules and extensions to choose from, this plugin is exactly what you need to extend the functionality of your Divi builder.

Developed with speed in mind

We have reduced the frontend.js to 1.94 KB. Nobody cares about your Divi sites as Divi Supreme Pro does.

Divi Supreme Pro modules/extensions generally only load the js scripts absolutely required by that module or extension

Also, all js files are minified! Get Divi Supreme Pro, and find out how easy it is to build a beautiful design and performing Divi websites.

Divi modules

  1. Divi Gradient Text – Using Divi’s built-in background gradient tool, this module allows you to have gradient text without coding.
  2. Divi Flipbox – With over 15 effects to choose from, you can now create awesome interactive content that converts.
  3. Divi Text Divider – Create organized, beautiful-to-read headlines with the Divi Text Divider module. With many border styles to choose from. You can also put the text between the dividers or align them to fit your design.
  4. Divi Supreme Image – The Supreme Image allows you to transform the image using 3D transform. Rotate it the way you always wanted without coding. We don’t stop here! We have also added a video popup window that supports: YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion!
  5. Divi Typing – Add a nice and cool writing effect to your website using the writing effect for Divi. Type the text you want to display and it will appear letter by letter as if you were typing with an old typewriter. This module automatically writes the sentences and then deletes them to write the next sentence. You can configure settings such as how fast the typing effect occurs and backspace, the delay before starting a phrase, with just a few clicks set the animation to repeat infinitely or randomize the order of the phrases.
  6. Divi Supreme Button – This allows you to have two buttons with a separator text in the middle. 29 kinds of button hover animation and 15 kinds of icon hover to choose from, supporting image/video lightbox: YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, and Tooltip for both buttons. Not only that, we have added a type of URL link that supports: URL, Email, Telephone, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, and Telegram.
  7. Divi Facebook Feed – Create Facebook page feed easily without having to embed them again.
  8. Divi Facebook Comments – Add Facebook comments anywhere to allow your readers to easily comment using their Facebook account.
  9. Divi Facebook Embed Module – With the Divi Facebook Embed Module, you can easily embed a post or video into any Divi post or page. You just have to copy and paste any Facebook post or video into the input field of the link and that’s it. Stop wasting time with the script queue and worrying that it won’t work. We have done that for you.
  10. Divi “Like” Button Module – Add a Facebook “Like” button to your posts, so your visitors are encouraged to “Like”, “Recommend” or even share your content on Facebook. A single click on the “Like” button will make the contents of the web “like” and share on Facebook. You can also display a share button next to the “Like” button for people to add a personal message and personalize who they share with.
  11. Divi Embed Twitter Timeline – Create a Twitter Timeline feed easily without any coding.
  12. Divi Contact Form 7 – Big fan of the Contact Form 7 plugin? Now with Supreme Contact Form 7, you can select your contact form from the drop-down list without having to go back and forth switching between Visual Builder and the Contact Form 7 configuration page by copying the shortcode and adding it to the Divi code module. Stylize your input fields, buttons, labels, validation, error messages, and much more.
  13. Divi Caldera Forms – Now with the Divi Supreme Caldera Forms module, you can select your contact form from the drop-down list without having to go back and forth by switching between the Visual Builder and the Caldera Forms configuration page by copying the shortcode and adding it to the Divi Code Module. Stylize your input fields, buttons, labels, success and error messages, file uploads, and much more.
  14. Divi Embed Google Map – If you just need a simple Google map, then this Embed Google Map module will do the job just fine. This will embed into your Divi site easily without having to worry about anything else.
  15. Divi Text Badges – This will display a badge before or after the text. A great way to display featured / important text badges.
  16. Divi Menu – Show your WordPress menu and design it the way you want. Use it for the footer or sidebar.
  17. Divi Price List – Create an attractive and impressive Price List for your business with easy options. Perfect for menus, catalogs, product lists, and any other list of featured items.
  18. Divi Business Hours – Create an organized and beautiful business hour to read with the Divi Business Hours module. It allows customers to know the time of availability of their service.
  19. Divi Icon List – Create an easy-to-manage article list, with each article highlighted by its own icon.
  20. Divi Shapes – Shapes are one of the most important elements in the design. So we have created this module to make your life easier. The shapes module adds life and creativity to your website. Boost your designs in Divi, without having to use image files or custom code. The shapes module comes with 17 kinds of shapes and more in the next updates.
  21. Divi Glitch Text – The glitch effect can bring a very unique style to your site, but it can also be very annoying if you overuse it. So Glitch Responsibly!
  22. Divi Icon Divider – Create a unique icon organizer with the Supreme Icon Divider module. With many border styles to choose from. You can put an icon between the dividers or align them to suit your design.
  23. Divi Floating Multi Images – A better and unique way to display multiple images to your visitors using the Floating Multi Images module. You can also change the animation up / down or left / right.
  24. Divi Image Hover Reveal – Hovering over the image will see the top image cut into 5 chunks and revealing the image again with a zoom animation. There are 4 types of animation to choose from. A unique way to show.
  25. Divi Image Text Reveal – When hovering over the image, you will see the overlay slide on the left to hide the image with the revealing text, and when you move the movement away from the image, the image slides out of view on the right. There’s also a lot of animation for the revealing text.
  26. Divi Star Rating – A must for all Divi sites and website owners. An important feature for many in order to gain the trust of their visitors. The star rating module is built with Google Schema in mind and is fully customizable.
  27. Divi Tilt Image – The Tilt Image allows you to create unique and great images. An interactive parallax tilt effect that responds to mouse movement. Apply an icon or text overlay to the image for better visibility.
  28. Divi Shuffle Letters – Add a nice and cool text effect to your website using the Shuffle Letters module for Divi. Type the text you want to display and it will be shuffled letter by letter in the text randomly before revealing. You can configure settings like shuffle speed, duration, and random text with just a few clicks.
  29. Divi Image Carousel – The easiest way to create a beautiful image carousel using the Divi Supreme Image Carousel module. The image carousel module is perfect for displaying a set of images, your portfolio pieces, customer logos, and much more.








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