Divi Icon Party

The Best Social Media Icon Plugin for Divi

The Best Social Media Icon Plugin for Divi
Helping brands reach extensive followers and create a more significant social presence, Divi Icon Party integrates an additional 34 social media icons into the Divi framework.
Helping brands grow their online followings across an extensive number of social media platforms. By offering an additional 34 icons that can be displayed in new and exciting ways, Divi Icon Party encourages visitors to follow your brand’s story, long after they have left your site.

About Divi Icon Party
Turning every Divi website into a social celebration, Divi Icon Party lets users display 34 more social network icons on their Divi site.

With Divi Icon Party, Divi users can quickly and easily display icons and links to specialist networks and unique social channels, including SnapChat, Meetup, Dribbble, Twitch, Slack, Medium, Behance and many more.

By default, Divi includes a handful of social media icons within the theme framework. This collection of icons can only be used in pages, projects and posts, essentially where the Divi Builder and Social Media Follow module can be used. The Divi Icon Party plugin not only increases the selection of available social icons, but also allows the webmaster to use these icons in uncharted areas around the Divi theme, such as the header, footer and the main navigational menu.

New: Social icons in the main menu!
Finally, Divi Icon Party lets users include social media icons in the main Divi menu. Another icon uncharted area, this feature will help site visitors navigate the brand’s full online presence beyond just the website, as well as add a truly unique look and feel to the aesthetic design.

Add social icons to the footer
As well as the main header, Divi Icon Party also lets users add icons to the footer section. With this feature, site visitors will be left with a lasting impression of a brand, and too, will have a clear path to follow to start engaging on social channels.

Add social icons to the header
Previously unavailable to Divi users, Divi Icon Party integrates social media icons within Divi’s main header. Not only will this feature create a unique, standout aesthetic for a Divi design, but it’ll encourage site visitors to connect with a brand from the get-go.

Easy installation
After installing and activating Divi Icon Party, the plugin will add additional icon options to the General tab of the Divi Theme Options console. Here, along with the standard, default social networks, the user is able to make use of a collection of additional platforms and set the respective outbound links for each.

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