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Divi Rocket

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Divi Rocket is the most powerful caching plugin specifically designed for the Divi Theme – built by Divi Users, for Divi Users. With over 50 Divi products created to date and as one of the first 3rd party product developers for the Divi theme, we at Divi Space know a thing or two about Divi and care deeply about its vast community of users.

Divi Rocket Plugin Features:

Browser Caching

Every time a user visits a Divi web page their browser has to download all of the website’s files in order to properly display the pages. These files include HTML, JavaScript, CSS and image data. All of this information being downloaded by the browser can cause larger pages on Divi websites to display more slowly, resulting in user frustration, higher bounce rates and less conversions. Divi Rocket;s browser caching feature works by storing these files in the user’s browser so that it doesn’t have to be downloaded each time a user visits your website.

Divi-Aware Server-side Caching

Traditional server-side caching works by temporarily storing web pages locally on the website’s server (rather than in a browser), remembering the content and quickly loading it each time your website is visited. The stored cache is then
regenerated for the entire page any time a revision is made anywhere on the cached page, so it is properly served up to the next visitor. This method of caching speeds up the web page content being served to the visitor, but can be rather resource intensive and inefficient due to the way it broadly regenerates the cache.

How does Divi Rocket’s server-side cache differ from others available on the market?

Our revolutionary Divi-Aware server caching saves the static HTML of the individual Divi Modules on a page or post and
intelligently checks your website’s database to determine whether or not the cached modules need to be regenerated. In other words, being Divi-Aware means that it knows about the different types of Divi modules and when each of them needs to be re-generated, so it can generate only part of the page as needed (such as a blog module if a new post is added) rather than re-generating the entire page, post or product when a change is made that only affects one module.

Disable Caching for Selected User Roles

“Clear the cache!” How many times have we Divi users heard these words muttered in forums and Facebook groups. As Divi website designers we are constantly tweaking on the back-end, checking out how it looks on the front end, and repeating the process over and over. Many times changes are not reflected on the front end because the website’s cache is serving up a stored copy of the previous revision and in a state of insomnia we may think that perhaps the changes were never made or were done incorrectly. Divi Rocket addresses this issue by allowing website admins to disable caching for specific user roles when logged in. This allows Divi users to streamline their workflow and reduce frustration by only serving up cached versions of the site to the people that matter most – Your visitors, readers and customers.

Database Optimization

Reduce bloat and increase site performance by giving your Divi website’s database the cleanse it deserves! Your WordPress and Divi website is constantly storing bits of information that add up over time into a huge digital scrap heap that can cause all sorts of speed and performance issues over time.

Divi Rocket’s database optimization features will help you clear out unnecessary data, optimize (defragment) the MySQL tables, and even take out the trash for you with the click of a button (trashed comments, posts, pages, etc.). Below are each of the optimization options you can select from… use them all or only the ones you need!

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