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Divi Magic makes, Divi Sections, Rows, Columns and modules disappear and reappear based on the date, a user’s logged in status and a user’s role. Finally, a quick and easy way to make Divi objects show up to exactly the appropriate users.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Have you every wanted to promote a sale on a specific a date?
  • Has a client asked for something to be taken off of the website on a certain date and time?
  • Did you ever want to displace custom pricing for logged in members?
  • Have you wanted to show objects only to authors or admins?

Well, now you can do this and more with Divi!

No more setting timers, or adding items to your calendar to remember to delete or hide objects on  your website. This plugin will save you hours and hours of time.

And it works with all standard modules*, columns, rows, and sections in Divi and is visual builder compatible!

Developers add Divi Magic support to your custom Divi modules!

Get Divi Magic today!

*Does not currently work with most modules with child modules. For instance it works with the Slider module but not the individual slides; works with the Tabs module, but not the individual tabs.

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