The Desire by Cristina

The Desire was founded by Cristina Castro, who has shared her insights on her fashion blog since 2013. She shows lots of photos of her daily looks. Cristina has collaborated with many brands in the fashion industry including Designer vintage Loreal, Dayaday, Lowlita&you, Tous, Shein, Romwe, Steve Madden, Liujo, Evax, Lays, Vila Clothes, and more. The website was designed by LovelyLemon.

The homepage includes links to the latest posts followed by full-width post snippets, links to social networks, and a gallery. A page called Looks displays galleries by year so you can see how the fashion trends have changed over the years. A category called My Style shows lots of different styles including working look, lady, casual, special occasions, 70’s, and boho. Shop takes you to The Desire Shop – an external site that’s also made with Divi.

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