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Divi Business Pro

Top Business Child Theme for Divi

Divi Child Theme For Business
Perfect for businesses looking to create an impactful online presence, Divi Business Pro is an attractive, feature-rich child theme that’s designed to showcase a business’s product or service offerings in a truly memorable and engaging way.

Divi Business Pro Child Theme
Visually striking, engaging and driven to help maximize conversions, Divi Business Pro has been designed to help brands thrive online. Suitable for a range of businesses, Divi Business Pro can be adapted for businesses that operate online as well as offline businesses that require a display site.
With a beautiful color palette, bold typography, attractive hover states and playful use of opacity throughout the theme, Divi Business Pro will make a brand stand out from the get-go. Beyond aesthetics, Divi Business Pro boasts a range of deeply valuable elements and premium features, all geared to help businesses showcase their offerings with pride and convert potential customers into loyal followers.

Bonus: Includes a single site license for the Testify plugin.

About Divi Business Pro
Divi Business Pro ships with a number of incredible features. Users can select between two homes and about page options to create the best first impression for their business. Divi Business Pro helps businesses showcase information about completed jobs, seeing the Projects section offer beautifully designed pages complete with an already set up testimonial element that’ll help add deeper levels of social proof to products or services. Helping brands increase their levels of credibility, Divi Business Pro has a Testimonial page ready for showcasing positive customer feedback from happy clients. For those who are ready to take charge of their content marketing, Divi Business Pro includes a custom-designed blog, complete with already-integrated archive pages, attractive post navigation and awesome hover animations for sidebar elements. Beyond these amazing features, Divi Business Pro includes an attractive Projects carousel, client logo feature with hover animations and an incredible footer that’ll leave a lasting impression.


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