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“I hired Audrey as my Emotional Intelligence coach when my life was falling apart. My husband had left me, my team was upset and I had more than 1 pissed off client. My business had grown and I was making more money than I ever had, but I was really suffering. I thought to make more money was going to SOLVE my problems, but what Audrey showed me with her intuitive style and her brilliant coaching, money, my husband. my team and my clients weren’t my problems I WAS MY PROBLEM! After a few coaching calls, I was able to see my blind spots and go back into all of my relationships with emotional intelligence. I rescued my marriage, I have a rock star team that loves to come to work every day, and my clients are getting results without the stress I was unknowingly creating for them. I credit Audrey with my “success” because without her guidance I would have sabotaged it all. Thank you, Audrey!”

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