Divi Ghoster

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Instantly White Label Your Divi or Extra Website. Divi Ghoster removes all traces of the Divi or Extra theme from the front end, back end, and source code of your website. Custom brand your website in seconds.

White Label Your Divi Website in Seconds!
Elegant Themes’ Divi and Extra (also powered by the Divi Builder) are two of the most powerful and customizable themes on WordPress. But there are cases where you don’t want people to know you used one of them to build your (or your client’s) website.

Hide the Divi and Extra Theme from Theme Detectors and Users
Divi Ghoster allows you to hide your use of the Divi or Extra theme from anyone who views or uses your website, even if they have full access to the back end. Even better, you can automatically replace all Divi/Extra branding with the custom branding and logo of your choice.

Hide Divi and Extra Theme Related Plugins
And with the Ultimate Ghoster feature, you can even hide your use of Divi/Extra related plugins, including Divi Ghoster!

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