Divi Business Expert Course

Divi Business Expert


Divi Business Expert is the Divi online course you’ve been waiting for! It’s the Ultimate course for teaching you how to build a sustainable business around WordPress and Divi.

We don’t just teach you how to build websites with Divi, but how to build and grow a business building websites with Divi!

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Product Description
The Divi Business Expert course will teach you everything from how to efficiently create websites with our streamlined process, to how to get high quality & high paying clients. Between the 20+ hours of video content, and the thousands of dollars worth of bonuses, this course is value-packed, and everything you need to become a Divi Business Expert!

About the Instructors

The Divi Business Expert course is a collaboration between Tim Strifler of Divi Life, and David Blackmon of Divi Space through their new collaborative learning platform, WP Gears. In addition to to leading two of the most popular Divi product companies, David and Tim have both grown their client service agencies from $0 to 6+ figure companies, and plan to help you do the same! With over 300 episodes and counting, David and Tim are cohosts of WP the Podcast, a podcast centered around WordPress, Business, Marketing, and more.

Learn more about David and Tim and all the value-packed into Divi Business Expert on the course info page!

(This course is not included in the All-Access Pass.)

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